Japanese Hamburger steak / Hambagu / ハンバーグ 作り方

Japanese Hamburger steak / Hambagu / ハンバーグ 作り方

How to make Hambagu steak
Hamburger steak sauce recipe
Hambagu sauce recipe

Please see below for the ingredients, written recipe, FAQ, and more!!

0:00 How to make Hambagu patty
3:05 Hambagu sauce recipe
5:02 How to cook Hambagu

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[Ingredients 2-3 serves] (GRAM)

[Kombu Dashi]
-Kombu (Dried kelp) 2g
-Water 220ml

[The patty]
-Beef mince (10-20% fat) 600g
-Salt 1.25tsp (6g)
-Gelatin 1.5tsp (6g)
-Kombu Dashi 3tbsp (45ml)
-Black pepper some

-Remaining Kombu dashi
-Onion 1/2 (90-100g)
-Apple 1 (140-150g)
-Garlic (as peeled) 10g
-Ginger (as peeled) 20g

-Sake 2tbsp (30ml)
-Mirin 2tbsp (30ml)
-Sugar 1tsp (5g)
-Soy sauce 3tbsp (45ml)


[Ingredients 2-3 serves] (OUNCE)

[Kombu Dashi]
-Kombu (Dried kelp) 0.07oz
-Water 4.6oz

[The patty]
-Beef mince (10-20% fat) 1.32lb
-Salt 1.25tsp (0.2oz)
-Gelatin 1.5tsp (0.2oz)
-Kombu Dashi 3tbsp (0.95oz)
-Black pepper some

-Remaining Kombu dashi
-Onion 1/2 (3.2-3.5oz)
-Apple 1 (4.9-5.3oz)
-Garlic (as peeled) 0.35oz
-Ginger (as peeled) 0.71oz

-Sake 2tbsp (0.63oz)
-Mirin 2tbsp (0.63oz)
-Sugar 1tsp (0.2oz)
-Soy sauce 3tbsp (0.95)



[Chapter 1: How to make Hambagu patty」
-Soak Kombu and water for 1hr to overnight
-Take 3tbsp from it, and warm (Keep the rest for the sauce)
-Dissolve it with the gelatine and salt
-Add to the beef. Mix lightly. Don’t squash hard

-Portion 200g
-Gently squash the patty to shape a ball
-Smash onto your hand 10 times
-Flatten to 1.5 cm (0.6 inch)
-Brush with oil. Cover, and chill 1hr

[Chapter 2: Hambagu sauce recipe]
-Grate the veggies
-Put everything on a pan except soy sauce
-Cook on medium heat until mostly evaporated
-Remove kombu. Add soy sauce
-Boil again, done

[Chapter 3: How to cook Hambagu]
-Cold pan. Vege oil. Patty on
-Put black pepper on the patty
-Cover with foil. Cook on Medium high heat 4-5 mins
-Once it looks white, rest 3 mins with the foil

-Back on medium high heat.
(Keep the foil on if it was still pinky)

-Pour the juice on the pan
-Once the other side is coloured, reheat the sauce
-Turn off the heat. Done mate



Q: Why do I use kombu for everything?
A: As a Japanese chef, I want to introduce this national treasure to the world.
And want to help growing the traditional Japanese Marine products industry.
So I want to make this channel as socially meaningful

Q: Can I skip Sake?
A: Yes. But you don’t need to buy expensive Sake.
We use Ryorishu (Cooking sake) which is cheap.
Or Rice wine

Q:Can I skip Mirin?
A: You can replace with sugar. Use half amount

Q: I can’t find Kombu
A: You can shop from the link above,
or replace with Kombu dashi powder
or Kombu concentrate
or MSG

Q:What’s the BGM?
A: Slynk: Knuckles


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